Biography: Dr. Raymond Ancill is a psychiatrist in private practice that has spent most of his career working with patients with broken brains. He specializes in post-trauma psychiatry and has examined and treated many patients with traumatic brain injuries over the last six years. Dr. Ancill trained in England and came to Canada in 1985. He retired from the position of Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UBC in 2002 and currently lives and works in Abbotsford, BC.

Abstract: Traumatic Brain Injuries occur at any age but it is the young and the old who have a larger than expected incidence, but for different reasons. In the young, especially males - but the girls are catching up, risk-taking behavior and accidents and sports account for most brain trauma. In the elderly, the commonest cause is falls from illness, medications and frailty. As a rule, the older the victim - the worse the outcome. Brain injuries that occur when over 60 carry the poorest prognosis. The fastest growing segment of the population is 80+ so brain trauma in the aged is expected to become a major public health issue in the near future.