Dr.Priest may be seen as unconventional, but it is unconventional in a way that I really responded to
...visiting the animals is aiding greatly to my recovery.My migraine headaches and depression lessen visiting with the animals.The one eyed horse now trusts me,comes and take food from my hand.The alpaca and I have developed a trust... Daisy the star pig was intimidating but now I am able to feed her.The goats,sheep, the rabbits, cats and dogs all... make me feel calmer and more relaxed for my sessions.They give me a feeling of worth,and make me laugh.They are teaching me to trust again. It is such a pleasure to arrive at Dr. Priest’s her animals sitting with tails wagging.I can not state how important these animals have become as a major part of my recovery process.
...The atmosphere & environment and also the country/rural setting have made the sessions very comfortable and relaxing and puts me at ease right away. In all the sessions that I have had with Dr. Priest she has always had 1 or 2 of her care dogs and one cat and they have contributed in their own way as they are so friendly.
The surroundings were welcoming and comfortable.
....I can imagine that some or even many people may be tempted to put Dr. Priest into the category of "unusual physicians" She IS in a delightful way. 
I have nothing but praise for this treasure of a woman whom the Cariboo is so very lucky to have in its midst! Those big-city Doc's don't have anything on her; in fact, they could learn a lot from her! She's a wealth of intelligence (intellectual & emotional) and best of all, she's real.